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The SWE6 is a multifunction 1-Wire module based around the BAE0910 custom 1-Wire slave IC from Brain4Home.

It features 5 I/O pins and includes up to four PWM outputs (suitable for controlling standard R/C servos), an ADC input, a counter, a digital output and a digital I/O.

The PCB is 55x60mm. The RJ45 sockets overhang by around 1mm. The module is 20mm high. There are 3mm mounting holes 3mm in from each corner which gives them spacings of 49x54mm.

At the present time it is only supported by OWFS. It requires a 5V power supply (it will not run in parasitic mode). If you are using one of our RPI2 or RPI3 bus masters then this will be supplied by that. If your 1-Wire network doesn't provide a 5V feed then you will need to either feed a 5V supply into the screw terminals on the SWE6 or use one of our SWE5 power injectors to provide power. You may also need to do this if you intend to connect power hungry devices to your SWE6 (for example if you connect 4 R/C servos then they can easily consume 500mA or more between them which is more than can be safely supplied by an RPI2 or RPI3).

The SWE6 is essentially a version of the (no longer available) BAE0910 TinyBoard from Brain4Home. See the links below for the TinyBoard documentation. Other than the fact that there are different connectors for the 1-Wire network and I/O the only difference is that the counter input has a selectable pull up/down jumper on the PCB.

Further SWE6 Module Information:
SWE6 Connector Information
SWE6 Parts List

Documentation from the BAE0910 Manufacturer:
BAE0910 Data Sheet
BAE0910 TinyBoard User Manual
R/C Servo Example
Water Meter Example

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