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Optical Utility Meter LED Pulse Sensor

This is a small sensor designed to attach over the flashing LED on your utility meter. Most electricity meters, for example, have an LED that flashes either 800 or 1000 times per kWh and this sensor comes with a sticky velcro pad to allow it to fit over that LED and monitor the flashes.

It is the perfect companion to our SWE6 module. The RJ45 plug on this sensor will plug straight into CN4 on the SWE6 allowing the counter part of the SWE6 to count the pulses. You can then read the value at pre defined intervals and determine from that the average power consumption during that interval. I used four of these for this purpose for a couple of years and they work perfectly.

The connections on the RJ45 plug are: Pin2 = +5V, Pin5 = GND, Pin6 = Output. The output is high whenever the sensor detects that the LED over which the sensor is mounted is on. This state is also relayed to another LED on the back of the sensor so you can still see what your meter is doing.

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