SWE5 (v1) Information

This is documentation for the v1 SWE5, if you have a v2, click here.

This is a small module that allows you to use a USB power source to feed 5V into your 1-Wire network.

It simply consists of a USB socket, two RJ45 sockets and an LED and resistor.

The PCB is 57x17mm. The RJ45 sockets overhang by around 7mm giving an overall module size of 57x24mm. The module is 20mm high.

The USB power source can be a spare USB port on your PC or USB hub, or a plug in USB power supply.

Simply connect your 1-Wire host adapter to the "IN" RJ45 socket and your network to the "OUT" RJ45 socket and all the devices on the "OUT" side will be fed with power on RJ45 pin 2 (as per our RJ45 wiring standard here).

Please note this only provides power on the 5V line. At present this is all any of our modules need but some sold by other people require a 12V (or higher) supply on RJ45 pin 7 which this module does not provide.

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