SWE4 Parts and Assembly

To build an SWE4 you will require the following parts which are all included if you purchase a kit of parts from us:
DS2413 IC
2 x 2N4403 transistor (Q1, Q2)
2 x 100k resistor (R1, R2)
2 x 1k resistor (R3, R4)
2 x IN5817 diode (D1, D2)
2 x IN4001 diode (D3, D4)
100nF capacitor (C1)
2 x RJ45 socket
3 x 3pin 0.15" pitch terminals
1x3 male header plus jumper cap

If you only wish to use the input pins (A1, B1) on your SWE4 you can omit R3, R4, D3, D4, Q1 and Q2 as these are only used for the output pins (A2, B2).

The component locations are all marked on the silk screen of the PCB.
Pin 1 of the DS2413 is the corner nearest C1 and CN2.

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