SWE2a Information

This board is a cut down version of the SWE2 for those people who only want to connect 2 or 3 SWE0 sensors into their network.

This module is a very simple passive device with a total of four RJ45 sockets (or three RJ45 sockets and one 3 pin screw terminal), and an IN5817 diode. Its primary use it to allow you to connect multiple SWE0 sensors so your 1-Wire network although it can also be used to connect other devices.

The PCB is 68x14mm. The RJ45 sockets overhang by around 7mm giving an overall module size of 68x21mm. The module is 20mm high.

In normal use two of the RJ45 sockets on PCB are used to connect the board inline to your network using standard RJ45 cables. The other two RJ45 sockets can then be used to connect 1-Wire sensors to the board, such as our SWE0 or SWE1 temperature sensors.

Alternatively if you have ordered the version with one of the RJ45 sockets replaced by a 3 pin screw terminal you can use the screw terminals for your network connection, or to connect a wired sensor.

If this is the last device on your network you have the option of connecting a third SWE0 sensor to the board as you will only be using one socket to connect to your network.

The four RJ45 sockets (or three RJ45s and the screw terminals) are connected in parallel and therefore it doesn't matter which sockets/terminals you use for your network and which you use for sensors.

It should be noted that this is a passive device and not an active 1-Wire hub and as such the lengths of the cables on the attached devices should ideally be less than 3m in order to ensure reliability of the network. In practice, however, you can often get away with much longer cables but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that although this device looks very similar to our RPI3a module the two are wired differently and are therefore not interchangeable.

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