SWE0 Information

This is a simple sensor consisting of a DS18B20 (or DS18S20) sensor on one end of a length of Cat5 network cable with an RJ45 plug on the other end.

This sensor is shipped as standard with a DS18B20 sensor and 2m of cat5 with an RJ45 plug on the other end wired to the wiring standard detailed on our wiring information page.

Do I need my sensor wired up for parasitic or external power?

As standard we offer the SWE0 in two variants:

The most commonly used is wired for parasitic power. In this configuration the power and ground pins are both connected to the ground wire (pin 5 on the RJ45 connector) to allow the sensor to draw its power from the 1-Wire bus. This will work with most host adapters including the DS9097U, DS9490R and our RPI2 and RPI3 modules. (Please note however that as the SWE0 has an RJ45 plug and the DS9490R and DS9097U have RJ11 sockets you cannot plug an SWE0 directly into either of these host adapters without an adapter.)

The other option is wired for external power. In this configuration the power pin is connected to RJ45 pin 2 and in order for the sensor to work properly you will need to connect this to a source of power. This sensor is needed for any host adapters that are not able to provide power to the sensor via the data line, for example our RPI1 (or any home made adapter that uses the Raspberry Pi's GPIO based master), or Arduino applications. This will also work on any network where you have a source of power to the network connected to pin 2 of the RJ45 cables. Our RPI2 and RPI3 modules provide this.

If you wish for any other configuration then just about anything is possible, including the following options which are all available to order at no extra cost:

  • DS18S20 sensor instead of DS18B20.
  • Any cable length you like up to 2m.
  • Different RJ45 wiring (or no RJ45 plug at all).

  • If you would like any of these options please let us know your requirements when you order and we will make the sensors up accordingly. As custom sensors are not a stock item it may take a few days to get them made. If you would like any other variation then simply ask and it will probably be possible although in some cases there might be a small extra charge.

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