RPI2 Parts List / Assembly

To build an RPI2 you will require the following parts which are all included if you purchase a kit of parts from us:
2x5 way 0.1" pitch header
RJ45 PCB mount socket
3 way 0.15" pitch screw terminal block
PCA9306 IC (U1),
DS2482-100 IC (U2),
DS9503 IC (U3)
220kΩ resistor (R1),
2 x 1kΩ resistor (R2, R3),
2 x 100nF capacitor
2x3 pin header
2 jumper caps

The component locations are all marked on the silk screen of the PCB. U3 is not labelled but it is between the screw terminals and J1.

Care should be taken to ensure correct orientation of the three ICs. The PCA9306 does not appear to have any markings for pin 1 on it, however if you hold it so the writing is the right way up then pin 1 is bottom left. The two DS ICs have a dot on them next to pin 1. Pin 1 of the DS9503 goes next to the edge of the PCB by the screw terminals.

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